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restaurant, bar, hotel, tourism, entertainment
real estate, housing, property management
human resources
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logistics, warehouse management, planning
sales, retail sales
energy, engineering
security, military, defense, intelligence
student, internship, new graduate, graduate school
IT, software, sciences
service industry, other

Cover Letter Samples... Finding Inspiration

The hardest part about writing a cover letter is getting started. Once you get started, the rest tends to flow naturally. The one key element that recruiters look for in a cover letter is authenticity. When you write a cover letter, you are communicating your interest in the position and making a statement as to why you are the right candidate for the job. Be careful in finding inspiration by looking at others' cover letters.

Cover Letter Samples to Get a Sense of Your Competition

A good way to approach the cover letter samples that you find online is to imagine that they are your competition. This way, you are not trying to copy them. Instead, you are trying to surpass them.

Go through as many drafts as you need to make your cover letter as compelling as possible. Remember that your cover letter will often be your first opportunity to make a good impression. Seize this opportunity. If your resume is lacking, work even harder to compensate.

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