Copywriter Cover Letter

by Checkmate Resume



(Hiring Manager’s Name)
(Company Name)
(Company Address)


Dear (Mr. or Mrs.) (Last Name),

I read about your need for a copywriter on LinkedIn and wanted to offer my services.

For the past two years I have been working as one of the chief copywriters for a small advertising agency. Among my duties were helping our clients, mainly local small businesses, with all their copy needs. Following is a sampling of the wide variety of projects and different business sectors I worked with:

  • Weekly blog posts for a floral shop.

  • Newspaper ads for a furniture store.

  • Radio ads for an ice cream shop.

  • Social media marketing for a local bank, including starting the program from scratch.

  • A website and brochure copy for a local garden center.

In addition, I often was called in on other projects for additional agency clients. I was trusted as the go-to person who knew how to quickly turn around copy for clients no matter what their niche. My team knew that I could quickly come up to speed on their projects and translate what the clients needed into compelling copy that would reach out to their target audience -- whether consumers or other small businesses.

I know that my skills and personality would integrate well with your needs. In addition to working well with internal team members, I am often called on to work with clients directly because I have a knack for making them feel heard and understood. Great copy comes from completely understanding each client's needs and unique selling proposition.

Though I really enjoy my current office environment, I am ready to take the next step in my career and work with a larger agency serving larger clients. I know that you will be impressed with my attention to detail, creative copy and client interface skills.

I look forward to meeting at your convenience to discuss more about your needs and my expertise.

Yours truly,


John Doe