Loan Officer Cover Letter

Sample provided by Aspirations Resume

The cover letter example below is that of a loan officer.  The structure of the cover letter is effectively laid out in three paragraphs.  The first paragraph introduces the applicant and highlights his strengths.  The second paragraph includes bullets discussing key aspects of his qualifications that are relevant to the lending and financial industries.  The third paragraph concludes the cover letter by reiterating the applicant's interest in the position.  To come back to the second paragraph, it is effectively written by emphasizing four aspects of the applicant's qualifications: his ability to develop and cultivate client relationships, his ability to lead and motivate other employees, his in-depth knowledge of financial concepts and loan products, and his ability to adapt quickly to dynamic situations.  Overall, this cover letter sample does a good job at presenting the applicant's skills in a favourable light.

Loan Officer Cover Letter Sample

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