Operations Manager Cover Letter

Sample provided by Aspirations Resume

This cover letter is that of an operations manager with six years of experience.  The first paragraph of the cover letter makes a good point of tailoring the message in function of the needs of the employer, as opposed to what the applicant is looking for.  Although this notion keeps being emphasized, we still see job seekers making the same mistake too often.  In the second paragraph of the cover letter, the applicant discussed his qualifications in more detail, including his role at his current employer, overseeing all logistics associated with imports and freight delivery.  The second sentence of that paragraph states that his work has resulted in an efficient and streamlined operation.  Following are four bullets shedding more light into the applicant's credentials, including the fact that he has strong managerial and oversight skills, a comprehensive operations background, is a keen negotiator and has received recognition for being the only facility in the nation to be claim free for over three years.  The applicant ended the cover letter by reiterating his interest in the position.

Operations Manager Cover Letter Sample

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