Interview Types: Understand What You're Getting Into

Interview Types

Interviews are not all the same. Depending on your career field, the interview stage, or the type of organization, interview types can differ widely. For example, you have phone interviews, group interviews, panel interviews, technical interviews and so forth. Each of these types of interviews are meant to evaluate specific aspects of a candidate. Going to an interview without knowing beforehand what you're getting into is counterproductive. Worse, going to an interview knowing what type it is, but without proper preparation is unjustifiable. To meet interviewers unprepared is like to give a presentation without rehearsal. Although this may sound obvious, too many job applicants still underestimate the preparation required in order to have a successful interview.

How to Know What Interview Type to Expect?

To gain a competitive advantage, research the internet and social media to find clues about what to expect at the interview. Find out about the interview process, interview questions that tend to be asked, how many people will be interviewing you, details about the interview setting, etc. If need be, call the HR department or, when scheduling the interview ask for details about the interview. Don't take a passive approach. Be active in putting the odds on your side.

Ascertaining What Type of Interview It Will Be

Sometimes, it may not be clear exactly what type of interview it will be. For instance, you may not be told that it will be a "behavioral interview" or a "situational interview," but knowing the details of how the interview will take place will give you a general sense of what to expect. The idea is that you should not necessarily try to put a label on the interview, but instead take it as it is, but having some background about the different interview types, so you can adjust and perform your best.

Knowing the interview type in advance is knowing the rules of the game in advance. Don't forget, an interview is nothing more than a tournament. The winner gets the job. Any strategic advantage counts.

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