Does Font Really Make a Difference on a Resume?


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People ask me this question all the time. Does the font really make a difference? Isn’t it the content that matters most? [...] Here are the best font choices for job seekers, and the kind of message each one sends to potential employers.
My Resume's Not Getting Me Interviews. What Am I Doing Wrong?


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There are a lot of lists out there of things to put on your resume and things to leave off. Those lists are great, and most of them offer good advice. However, with this article, I’m going to give you more detailed instruction and explanation than is typically offered in the lists.
Do I really need to hire a resume writer?


resume tips
Do I really need to hire a resume writer? This is the question that many job seekers ask themselves at one point or another during their job search. Most professionals believe they can write their own resume. After all, they are educated, and they know their industry and profession better than anyone else, right?
Top 10 Words / Phrases to Avoid in your Resume


resume tips
I have seen thousands of resumes in my Resume Writing and Human Resources careers, and the ones with action words were always the ones that made an impression on me.
When You Definitely Want a Second Resume


resume tips
I get a lot of clients who contact me and are concerned about how to effectively get relevant keywords into their resumes. My answer to them is a cautionary one of not getting obsessed with keywords because the same resume will eventually be read by a person, after being filtered through an Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Editor's Note

There is one comforting element about the job search process: the resume writing process. Why? Because writing a resume entails no surprises, only hard work. It is not like the job interview or the networking function where you have to perform on the spot. Writing a resume is all about hard work and dedication. Why then do so many people fail at writing a proper or effective resume? Because they are lazy, are engaged in wishful thinking, don't want to face their past, don't believe in themselves or don't recognize their own limitations.

As you write your resume, don't lose sight of what a resume is about. A resume is a document intended to show to a potential employer, as "objectively" as possible, why your experience and qualifications make you the best candidate for the job. Objectively was put in quotes because, although the resume has to be written in an impersonal tone, the content of the resume can be very subjective: What do you believe your experience was? What do you believe your accomplishments were? What do you believe you contributed to your prior employers?

WorkBloom's Resume Center is a collection of resume tips, resume articles and resume samples intended to help you write the best resume that you possibly can. We have asked for contributions from leading resume writers to give you their insights into all the aspects of resume writing. Now, the ball is in your hands. Good luck!


Leslie Toth

Leslie Toth, MBA, CPRW, PHR
Professional Resume Writer & Human Resources Consultant

At the Essence of Resume Writing

The right words with the right emphasis can make the difference between a regular worker and an outstanding employee.

A superior presentation will make your resume stand out.

A tailored message will outshine a general statement.

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