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Resume Formats
Resume Formats
Editor's Note
The resume format that you choose should be based on your work experience and the optimal strategy to make that experience relevant to the job that you are applying to.  When choosing what resume format to use, keep the following considerations in mind:
  • What resume format will shed light on your strengths and draw attention away from your weaknesses?
  • What "statement" do you want to make and what resume format will allow you to best make that statement?
  • The typical resume format that most people use is the chronological resume format.  Is there a good reason to depart from that format?
There are three main resume formats:
Reverse chronological resume format:
Reverse chronological resumes list the candidate's work experience starting from the most recent one based on the premise that it is also the most relevant to the job.  That is often true for career-oriented people looking for another job in the same field.  A reverse chronological resume has the advantage of showing a natural progression.  Some employers like to see where you come from and how you evolved to become the person that you are.  The reverse chronological resume is the most commonly used resume format.

Functional resume format:
Functional resumes list a candidate's experience by skills set.  This resume format is used most often when a person decides to switch career, when a person has held many different types of jobs during his career, or when there has been a prolonged period of absence from the workforce.  The focus is therefore no longer on "career progression," but instead on "transferable skills."

Hybrid resume format
(combination of reverse chronological and functional resume):
Hybrid resumes possess some characteristics of both reverse chronological resumes and functional resumes.  For instance, they can list a candidate's work experience by skills set, but also include the periods of employment.


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