Security, Defense, Intelligence, Law Enforcement Resume Samples

Security Services

Airport Security Screener airport, security screening, transportation security, military background
Campus Security Officer security, education, law enforcement background
Global Security Professional security, surveillance, inspection, international experience, military background
Security Guard security, port security

Police & Investigation

Police Officer law enforcement, security, investigation, city patrol, criminal justice
Private Investigator (Detective) investigation, detective, security, surveillance, loss prevention, police experience, military background

IT & Intelligence

Information Technology / Security Specialist information security, law enforcement, intelligence, IT, information technology
Intelligence Analyst intelligence, security, anti-terrorism, UN, United Nations, non-governmental organizations

Correctional Institutions

Corrections Officer correctional institutions, prison, jail, security

Crisis Management

Crisis Intervention / Substance Abuse Counselor crisis intervention, substance abuse, education


Anti-Terrorism Operational Support anti-terrorism, security operations, military, intelligence

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