Early Childhood Specialist Resume

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77 Lincoln Avenue, Salt Lake City, UT 55555, (555) 2222-0000, [email protected]



Profile: Dedicated, resourceful, and passionate  education professional with an accomplished career promoting  quality education in the capacities of Elementary School Teacher  and Early Childhood Resource Specialist.

Strengths: Administrative Acumen, Turnkey  Training, Curriculum Development and Implementation, School-and  District-wide Program Planning, School Improvement Initiatives,  Student-Teacher Support, Classroom Teaching, Grant Writing, and  Committee Involvement.


City University of Utah - Master of Arts in Elementary Education, 1994
St. John's College for Women - Bachelor of Arts, 1964


State of Utah Certified - Certification for Administration and Supervision, 2002
Utah State Licensed - Early Childhood and Common Branches, 2002



  • Upon inception of Utah's Primary  Standards in English Language Arts, served as a Turnkey  Trainer for District 35 elementary schools.

  • Attended grade-level conferences and presented new curriculums to district-wide faculty members.

  • Provided teachers with practical strategies for differentiated lesson plans and multidisciplinary thematic units.

  • Linked teachers with the Early Childhood Literacy Assessment System (ECLAS) as a vital assessment tool.

  • Conducted one-to-one in-class demonstrations to familiarize teachers with lesson-specific  materials, new teaching standards, and effective implementation techniques.

  • Communicate with teachers to monitor  developments in Language Arts and Social Studies while  ensuring the effective application of teaching methods to  accommodate classroom size and ethnic composition.


  • Formulated a Music- and Art-based program designed to teach Language Arts skills to a non-English Speaking student population from more than 40 countries (pre-kindergarten through third grade).

  • Developed a Whole Language Reading curriculum based on Scott Foresman's Celebrate Reading series.

  • Guided the implementation of numerous parent-school communication programs.

  • Developed and implemented a parent workshop. Literacy Centers : What They Are and What They Teach.

  • PTA President's Council Evening Meetings: Conducted Learning Math Through The Use of Manipulatives.

  • Designed monthly workshops for pre-Kindergarten teachers, educational assistants, and family assistants.


  • Teaching Math through Music, Utah Early Childhood Conference, 2001

  • Parent Workshop: When Will Your Child Read?, 2001

  • Music Workshop to facilitate Reading, Math, Social Studies, Science, Art, and Music lessons, 2000

  • Open-ended Art Workshop for pre-Kindergarten teachers at the school-wide level, 1999

  • Early Childhood Literacy for Teachers, Grades Kindergarten through Second Grades, 1997

  • Good Literature Promotes a Love of Reading and Increases Skills for Teachers, 1996

  • Training Kindergarten Teachers to use new literature based reading series, 1994

  • ESL Trends, Methods and Materials for Kindergarten Teachers, Kingsbridge Community College, 1990



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England, France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Greece, Turkey, South Africa, India, and Nepal

Hazleton Scholarship, Summer Seminar Program, India, and Nepal, 2001

  • Traveled across India from New Delhi  to Calcutta, and Nepal, receiving a hands-on education in  broad aspects of various political systems, government  structures, educational systems, sciences, art, music,  customs, and traditions reflected in a Social Studies  curriculum project developed upon return to the U.S.

Delegate Member, Citizen Ambassador Program, South Africa, 1996

  • Attended workshops with South African teachers, administrators, and government officials.

  • Conducted a workshop in Cape Town for teachers with more than 80 students.

  • Successfully proposed the reassignment of classes to achieve a 1:20 student-teacher  ratio; the Buddy System; cooperative learning; Family Literacy, and English As a Second Language for parents.

  • Nominated as a member of the South African-American Early Childhood Congress.


Chairperson, On-site Planning Committee, District 35, 1985 - 1998

  • Spearheaded a one-year team effort to improve reading scores across all grades levels.

    • Lead teams in the development and  implementation of test sophistication materials designed  to identify and evaluate the source of individual  learning deficiencies with a focus on skill mastery.

    • Successfully increased the school's reading scores by 14%.

  • Encouraged parent's participation on  a daily basis and at meetings to share information and  elicit valuable suggestions having an impact on the  development of school-wide programs.

Member,  Parents Advisory Committee, District 35, 1998 - 2002
Member, Early Childhood Community Coordination Committee, District 35, 1998 - 2002
Chairperson, Social Committee, District 35, 1987 - 1998


District 35, Salt Lake City, Utah
Early Childhood Resources Specialist, 1998 - present

Public School 27, Salt Lake City, Utah
Teacher, Early Childhood Literacy through the Arts, 1997 - 1998
All Day Kindergarten Teacher, 1990 - 1996
Second Grade Teacher, 1986 - 1990
All Day Kindergarten Teacher, 1984 - 1985

Public School 12, Salt Lake City, Utah
All Day Kindergarten Teacher, 1983 - 1984
Second Grade Teacher, 1982 - 1983
Vocal Music Teacher, Second through Sixth Grades, 1978 - 1982
First Grade Teacher, 1974 - 1978


President's Grant, Schoolyard Playground
Charlotte Hill Grant, School Band
$10,000 Implementation Grant for School Improvement Plans: Reading and Math Workbooks, K-6