Financial Analyst Resume

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Ambitious finance professional with strong track-record of  delivering top performance. Possess large spectrum of experience  in financial markets, corporate finance, and treasury finance.  Successfully wrote all three CFA (Level I, II, and III) exams.  Can undertake difficult mandates and meet tight deadlines.  Personal qualities include: rigorous, positive, good  problem-solver, autonomous, persistent, adaptable, and driven.  Other skills include:

  • Financial Stmt & Ratio Analysis
  • Complex Financial, Operational, & Quantitative Modeling
  • Measurement of Productivity & Process
  • Investor Relations
  • Securities Trading
  • Debt & Equity Financing
  • Economic, Financial, & Technical Indicators
  • Technical Analysis
  • Treasury Operations
  • Creation of Templates & Procedures
  • MS Office (Excel Expert)
  • SAP, AccPac
  • Basic Programming (VBA, Java, C++)
  • CFA Curriculum:
    • Asset Valuation
    • Equity & Debt Investments
    • Indexes & Debt Investments
    • Indexes & Derivatives
    • Alternatives Investments
    • Risk Management
    • Portfolio Management
    • Performance Evaluation, Attribution, & Presentation
    • Quantitative Methods & Statistics
    • Micro & Macroeconomics


Honorable Mention for Recognized Contribution [2001] - Alliance Network Ltd.


AURORA PHARMACEUTICAL INC., Financial Analyst, New York, NY, [2004 - Present]

  • Automate processes to improve rigor and speed in the processing of critical information.
  • Develop management tools to measure and  analyze financial and operational information (e.g.  financial ratios, key performance indicators, sales  forecasting platform, integrated budget model, product  pricing, and management reports).
  • Develop and manage complex excel-based financial models.

ALLIANCE NETWORK LTD., Financial Analyst (Reported to the CFO), New York, NY, [2000 - 2004]
Worked Closely with the CFO on Financing

  • Drafted parts of Private Prospectus Memorandum.
  • Analyzed company's financing needs and worked with management to raise capital.
  • Analyzed market share and data on competitors.
  • Analyzed the impact of debt and equity financing on capital and ownership structures.
  • Prepared presentations on PowerPoint and various investor documents on Word and Excel.
  • Produced 3-year and 5-year pro-forma financial statements.

Provided Timely Financial and Operational Information to Senior Management

  • Analyzed financial information (e.g. financial statements, financial ratios, interest payments, etc.).
  • Developed management tools to quantify, measure, and monitor work processes.


  • Developed management reports (Accounts  Receivable, Accounts Payable, headcount, liquidity, etc.)  and taught accounting clerks how to operate them.
  • Worked on implementation of ACCPAC  accounting system, including a complete chart of accounts  rework and financial statement redesigns.

Managed Two Complete Annual Budgeting Cycles

  • Generated detailed financial and  operational projections (i.e. revenues per region and  product, expenses per headcount, expenses per department and  project, capital expenditures).
  • Monitored expenses to ensure compliance  with budget by performing monthly variance analyses.

Worked on Planning and Implementation  of Company-Wide Restructuring

  • Developed a capacity-planning model to  monitor and control the software development process.
  • Performed scenario analyses to align operational and financial resources with growth objectives.

BANK OF AMERICA, Treasury Analyst,New York, NY, [2000]
Extracted, Processed, and Validated Data from the Bank's Transactional and Accounting Systems to  Produce Periodic (Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly) Treasury Reports

  • Statutory reports: Balance sheet sensitivity to interest rates, derivatives credit risk, and pledging.
  • Conformity reports: Asset concentration, asset quality, and capital requirement.
  • Internal management reports: Liquidity ratios, current assets, liabilities maturity, and cash flow.
  • Performed end-of-day maintenance operations on bank information systems.
  • Familiarized with trading floor and back office operations.


Bachelor of Commerce, Specialization in Finance and Strategic Management


Successfully wrote all three CFA (Level I, II, and III) exams. [2004]