Mechanical Engineer (New Grad) Resume

by Phoenix Resume

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  • BSME, California Polytechnic State University, 2006.

  • Designer and builder of mechanical devices  including module for Human Powered Vehicle for annual  race; innovative lawn care aide; and stitk walker bicycle.

  • Experience as construction foreman and assistant in road design.

  • Skills in using a wide range of design, fabrication, and business solutions.

  • Highly motivated, disciplined and resourceful. Interact productively with people from diverse backgrounds.

  • Perform quality work and complete it on time.


California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, 6/06
Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering
Class Level: Senior. Current GPA: 3.004

  • Combustion Engine Design
  • Drilling Engineering
  • Single Track Vehicle Design
  • Heat Transfer and Thermodynamics
  • Mechanical Design/ Strength of Materials
  • Thermal System Design
  • Petroleum Production Engineering
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Mechanical Vibrations
  • Manufacturing Processes


Front Fork Design for Human Powered Vehicle (HPV) Team, Cal Poly

  • Ongoing design enhancements of light  weight HPV for competition. Designed, built and tested  aluminum front fork for this successful vehicle.

Single Track Vehicle Design

  • Designed and built a bicycle for a silt  walker. The tall bike is 30+" taller than a standard  bicycle. The design consisted of two full suspension frames  stacked one on top of the other, new front steer tube, new  rear triangle and a new drive train.

Fertilizer Injection System for Residential Use (Mechanical Design)

  • Individually designed, built, and tested  system that eliminates the manual part of applying liquid  fertilizer to lawn and shrubs by attaching injector to  sprinkler manifold. The device, now functional, is in the  final stage of development.


Job Foreman, Gunner Inc., Redding, CA, Summer 1999 - 2005

  • Supervised up to four crafts workers at  all stages of residential construction projects. Interpreted technical drawings. Made day-to-day tactical decisions.

  • Worked from boyhood for this family owed  business. Gained detailed, working knowledge of building  trades, tools, and construction techniques.

Assistant, Road Design Division, Cal Trans, Redding, CA, 11/00 - 4/01

  • Among other duties, performed some engineering redesign for a section of existing road.

Technical Assistant, Network Development Consulting (NDC), Redding, CA, Summer 2000

  • Teamed with NDC drafters in implementation of new technical drawing formats.


AutoCAD R13, R14, 2000-2004; SolidWorks  2003-2006; MATLAB/Simulink; Engineering Equation Solver (EES);  Microsoft Office, BASIC Programming: Machining (Mill, Lathe,  Basic hand tools, sheet metal fabrication, CNC operations);  wedding processes and theory (GMAW, GTAW, gas, laser, spot,  etc.); basic electronic design/fabrication.