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Jesse Kendall
123 Elm Street, Racine, WI 53406,

Qualified Paramedic
Conserve Life | Alleviate Suffering | Promote Health | Demonstrate Compassion

History of providing advanced pre-hospital emergency care and services while exceeding standards for patient care. Superior performance, accuracy, and decision-making skills demonstrated within intense and emotional emergency situations. Adept at quickly addressing the medical needs of victims of injuries, acute illnesses, and physical emergencies. Technically skilled in the use, testing and maintenance of rescue and medical equipment. Five-year ambulance driving experience with a zero accident record.

Paramedic History

PARAMEDIC, 20xx to Present
ABC Hospital, Racine, WI
Provide fast patience service, life support, and ambulatory care to the extremely ill and injured utilizing a wide variety of basic and advanced abilities and techniques. Execute the placement of peripheral, central, and intra-osseous lines, as well as esophageal obturator airways, endo-tracheal intubations, and defibrillations. Monitor cardiac conditions and EKG readings.

  • Trained and led a high-performing team of three Paramedics.

PARAMEDIC, 20xx to 20xx
BCD Mercy Hospital, Racine, WI
Accurately diagnosed and quickly treated traumatized patients throughout various medical emergencies. Successfully performed critical physical examinations and anticipated potentially life-threatening injuries. Instituted best practices and appropriate emergency therapy needed to save lives. Worked effectively with other emergency first responders such as quick response units (QRUs), police departments, fire departments, and emergency medical technicians (EMTs).

  • Significantly reduced mortality and morbidity by comforting distressed victims of acute illnesses and injuries.

Education / Licensure

Associate Degree in Paramedic Technology, 20xx
Institute College of Advanced Technology, Racine, WI

Current Certifications

  • State of Wisconsin Paramedic Certification, 20xx

  • National Registry Paramedic Certification, 20xx

  • BCLS, ACLS, PALS, BTLS, PHTLS Provider Certifications


  • Driving record in compliance with popular policies regarding insurability; valid driver’s license

  • American Heart Association CPR Instructor, Racine, WI, 20xx

  • Psychiatric Care Technician; Lincoln Regional Center, Racine, WI, 20xx

  • Fluent in English and Spanish

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