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Project engineer with two years of accomplished project management experience implementing Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). Articulate communicator with experience speaking at press conferences and conducting public presentations across the state. Credentials include a degree in Civil Engineering, extensive training, Secret Security CLearance, and Pending EIT expected in June. Core contributions include the following:

Project Leadership / Homeland Security / Equipment Installations and Maintenance / Request For Proposal / State-wide Bidding / Negotiations / Procedure Development / Maintenance / Budget Management / Contractor-Agency-Vendor Relations

Quoted in the Mississippi Commuters View Traffic Alerts and Road Conditions via Online GIS, June 2004


Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT), Jackson, MS 6/02 - Present
Intelligent Transportation Systems Engineer, Signal Operations Division
Joined the Department as an entry-level engineer, quickly establishing the foundation for MDOT's ITS future. As sole MDOT ITS engineer maintain oversight responsibility for the acceptance/performance testing and maintenance of hardware and software. Coordinate multiple projects concurrently, and conduct research to present information to the State Traffic Engineer concerning the future direction and growth of the MDOT.

  • Developed a RFP to secure an integrator to work on the ITS Stack III Project prior to assuming control.

    • Succeeded in correcting major interoperability flaws to the existing design.

    • Established MDOT's ability to use multiple vendors on future projects during bidding processes.

  • Maintain full responsibility for all ITS equipment specifications for the MDOT.

    • Upgraded obsolete fibber specifications to achieve equipment interoperability and interchangeability.

    • Revised encoder specifications for camera and video equipment for July competitive bidding process.

    • Review communications specs for engineers in relation to ITS equipment.

  • Identified the need to strengthen the Department's maintenance operations.

    • Led staff training on all equipment hardware and software.

    • Implemented a preventative maintenance plan and dispatched technicians to repair down equipment.

    • Achieving increased up time and reliability to traveling public.

  • Manage all phases of multiple projects in collaboration with agencies and contractors across various cities to interconnect traffic data with MDOT traffic data supporting hurricane evacuations from the Gulf Coast.

  • Plan installations of security cameras on bridges over the MS Rivers for Homeland Security and establish inter-agency ITS networking systems for incident management and reporting involving the sharing of wireless links.

  • Developing a protocol for the Mississippi Department of Transportation Law Enforcement for Amber Alert Procedures, in charge of designing the fiber optic communications ring around the Jackson Metropolitan area.


  • Southaven ATMS Project
  • I-220 High Mast Lighting Project
  • US-51 Project
  • I-55 HMS Project
  • ITS Stack III Project
  • Hardy Street Project

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Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, 2002
University of Mississippi


Candidate for Engineer-In-Training Certification, June 2004


Traffic and Transportation Seminar, Northwestern University Center for Public Safety

  • Introduction to Systems Engineering for Advanced Transportation

  • Developing Traffic Signal Construction Plans

  • Managing High Technology Projects for Transportation Systems

  • Actuated Traffic Signals/Advanced Transportation Controller

  • Dynamic Message Sighs Standards

  • Designing Signals Using TEAPAC, PASSER, TRANSYT, CORSIM

  • Intelligent Transportation/Center-to-Center Systems Standards

  • Video Detection: Installation, Maintenance and Operation

  • Fiber Optic Design, Installation, and Maintenance

  • General Supervisory Training


AutoCad, Storm CAD, CORSIM, EPANET, HCS, PASSER, PC-Warrants, TRANSYT, Turbo Architecture, SAP 2000, Sable, TEAPAC, Microsoft Word, Access, Excel and Power Point


American Society of Civil Engineers
Institute of Transportation Engineers


Exceptional references and letters of recommendation provided at time of meeting.

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