American University Released a Guide to Help Girls Succeed in STEM

  • Editor
  • February 5, 2020

In order to break stereotypes that too often dissuade girls from entering into science, technology, engineering, and mathematics ("STEM"), American University has released a guide titled "Helping Girls Succeed in STEM." This guide was created for girls, young women, teachers and educators who are looking to share information that encourages girls to explore STEM subjects and career paths.

This guide provides detailed insights and resources on the following topics:

  • Statistics about girls in STEM
  • Resource guide for educators to motivate girls interested in STEM
  • Awareness of gender gap statistics for girls in STEM
  • Tips and advice for parents to motivate their girls involved in STEM
  • Importance of STEM for girls
  • Advice on preparing girls for STEM-related jobs

If you know of anybody who could use this resource, please spread the word.