Welcome 2022

  • Editor
  • December 28, 2021

One thing we’ve learned from the pandemic is how fragile we are. Fragile not simply from the perspective of our bodies’ immune response to the virus, but also from our collective inability to coordinate our efforts.

Two years have passed and we continue to see evidence of this. As we entered the holiday season and hoped for relaxed restrictions, Omicron came and pushed us few steps back. However, five steps forward and two steps back is still better than standing still. And this is what we have to remember. Our march to leave this pandemic may be slow and painful, but with each step we are closer to the finish line. We’ve endured this for two years already. Let’s keep our resolve and see this through to the end.

On this note, let’s say goodbye to 2021, acknowledge our moments of solitude and sadness, but also cherish our moments of quiet happiness. Let’s welcome 2022 with optimism and a renewed faith in ourselves, our loved ones and humanity.