Types of MBA Degrees

by Gabe Nelson | September 18, 2022


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Before we look at the different types of programs that you can go through, it is important to consider some of the basics of the MBA in the first place.

The MBA, which is also known as the Master of Business Administration, is a degree that is internationally recognized. It has been designed to help individuals develop all the skills needed in order to further their careers in business and management and to gain that promotion that they want.

There are a lot of different MBA programs that an individual can partake in to help them succeed. Some of the most common types include entrepreneurship, business management, accounting, leadership, economics, finance, marketing, and human resources management.

There are also a variety of specialized programs that an individual can choose. The more specialized the program, the easier it is to get the exact career that you’re aiming for. You will need to make the decision to help figure out whether you need a specialized type of MBA or not.

Types of MBA Degrees

In the past, everyone had to attend classes in person and enroll in full-time programs. Today, things have changed and there are many different options that you can go with instead. This makes it easier for a lot of people to get the MBA degree that they have been looking for. Some of the different types of MBAs that you can choose include:

Full-Time or Part-Time MBAs

The first option is a full-time or a part-time MBA. These are mostly for students who jump into a master’s degree right after they are done with their bachelor’s (before working upon graduation).

A full-time MBA will take somewhere between 1 to 2 years for the student to finish. An MBA at the top schools can be intense, which means that your class schedule is tough enough that it is hard to take on a job. For those who need to work while getting an MBA, there is also the part-time MBA. These can take twice as long to complete, but they do allow more freedom in having a job and other responsibilities. When you choose a part-time MBA program, you get the choice of combining your work and your studies because it is more likely that the classes will take place during the evening and sometimes during the weekend.

Online MBAs

Students are also able to find some MBAs that are offered completely online. While you will miss out on some of the benefits of going to class and networking, this can be a good option if you do not have the time to attend classes on campus. The online MBA degree will give you the flexibility to get your work done, whether it is late at night, early in the morning, during lunch break, or during the weekend.

These online MBA degrees are meant to answer some of the current needs and trends in education. They offer a lot of flexibility. They also offer lower tuition most of the time. This makes them popular for a lot of students.

Another benefit of going with an online MBA program is that it helps the students become independent learners. Students will also be able to develop their time and project management skills.

Blended Distance Learning MBAs

Another option that you are able to go with is blended distance learning. This is an interesting option because it helps to blend together online and in-person classes. This option has students attend online classes combined with on campus meetings and lectures. Campus attendance is required during the weekend, but you do not need to be present as much as for a full-time MBA.

Meeting on-campus a few times during the semester is a great way to get to know the professors and other classmates, ask questions, and exchange ideas. The online portion allows for more freedom to attend classes during the week, especially if you work.

Executive MBAs

The next option that is available on our list is the Executive Master of Business Administration. These are specialized programs for working professionals who have already been in the industry for some time. These programs are designed for those who have five to ten years of experience. Many of the students enrolling into these programs already have some kind of background in management.

Most of these programs are going to be delivered in a part-time format. They are also designed to be completed in one or two years depending on the specialization.

Joint MBAs

A joint MBA is another option that you can consider. This is a unique option because it allows the student to take a degree through two or more partner universities. While the students who decide to enroll in this MBA will work with just one curriculum, the courses within that curriculum will be taught by professors from a variety of academic institutions.

When you enroll in this kind of MBA, be prepared to take on more coursework and traveling than normal. The upside is that this program allows students to develop a diverse and large network of connections.

There are a lot of different things that can happen with the joint MBA. You will attend lectures and conferences, engage in internships, participate in workshops, and more.

Double Degree MBAs

Unlike the joint MBA which is still just one degree done at more than one college partnering together, a double MBA means that you are going to study two separate programs concurrently. These programs can sometimes be done at the same institution, though you may decide to do an MBA at two schools.

This will be challenging. You may have to do it part-time because you are going to need to put in a lot of effort to finish the assignments and classes. While a double MBA can look attractive to many employers, it is a huge commitment that can be hard to complete.

Modular EMBAs

Students are able to choose a modular EMBA. This is similar to working on a part-time MBA, so if you like that idea, the modular EMBA could be a good option as well. One difference though is that you will not need to attend classes during the weekend. Instead, you will have one or two weeks every few months where you will spend time attending seminars, lectures, and practical courses.

This program will also allow you to get the degree done in one or two years. Some of that time may include an exchange period, which means that you could travel and gain knowledge in a business setting.

With this method, you will have one or two weeks where you will be able to complete a module, or a certain topic of your choice so that you can meet other students, talk with professors, and gain practical experience.

How Do I Choose the Right MBA for Me?

An MBA can open a lot of doors to help you reach your career goals. With the right program, you will be able to study notwithstanding your busy schedule.

There are a lot of options out there for you to work through and earn an MBA. If you want to be able to work through the process with several different schools to learn from as many people as possible, then the joint MBA is a good option. If you would like to do it all online, there is that option as well.

Students who want to earn an MBA need to take a look at all the options available. Before choosing, find out not just about the price, but also about how much time commitment is required, when you will need to show up for classes, and any other requirements of the program. You can then decide which degree is right for you.

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