Nicola Vivian, Professional Resume & Cover Letter Writer and Employability Advisor

Nicola Vivian

Nikki Vivian has worked for a top UK Russell Group University in the Careers Department for the past 6 years. Her current role as Employability Advisor sees her consulting on employability within the school of Biosciences and working to embed employability skills into the curriculum. Nikki also works with undergraduate and postgraduate students to help them improve their chances of gaining graduate employment by advising of work experience opportunities, developing transferable skills and supporting students to produce effective CVs, cover letters and applications.

In addition to working as an Employability Advisor, Nikki runs her own business (, working as a CV, Resume and Cover Letter Writer. As a mum to a toddler, Nikki has experience of being made redundant whilst on maternity leave and the difficulties faced when returning to work after having a break to bring up a child. As a result, Mums looking to get back into the job market have become her target market and she works with them to produce CVs and cover letters, as well as support to rebuild confidence.

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