Business Cover Letter

by JobBound

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This cover letter of a business promoter is a good example of how to write in a dynamic tone, yet remain professional and credible. From reading the cover letter we can sense the personality of the applicant. He sounds enthusiastic, dynamic and alert. These are key attributes for a job in promotion. One key point that the applicant made clear was his connections in the industry which he can leverage to outperform others. Someone looking to hire this applicant will gain instant access to his list of contacts acquired over 15 years.

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June 13, 2006


2378 North Avenue
Gladstone, OH 28283


Dear Mr. Elliot:

Passion. Dedication. Industry know-how.

These are the attributes that drive me, and these are the attributes that I bring to my work.

I'm passionate about the job that I do. When representing a line or opening a territory, I've always started from the ground up. No one ever gave me a $30MM brand and said grow it to $40MM. They gave me a new brand or a new territory and watched as I drove it to success.

I'm dedicated to performing my best. I'm a "roll up your sleeves" kind of person who makes work a priority and who believes wholeheartedly in customer service.

I have extensive industry know-how. With more than 15 years in the field, I'm well-known and well-respected by manufacturers, retails, and other reps of all sizes -- from the big box retailers, to the mom-and-pops, and from lines like Kraftmaid all the way to Elmwood Kitchens.

I'd like the opportunity to share more of my passion, dedication and know-how in person. I look forward to following up soon.



Danny Disma