Business Manager Cover Letter

by Great Resumes Fast

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The cover letter example below is that of a business manager. The applicant starts the letter by listing three key attributes that characterize him: insight, creativity and integrity. From there, he mentions his two specialties, namely process reengineering and change management. In the second paragraph the applicant gave two examples of things he did in his prior job to save costs. If you can save a company more than what they will pay you, you no longer represent a liability, but you create real value, that can be quantified. It is always a good idea to show how you can save money or add real value, as opposed to discussing your qualifications in the abstract. The cover letter ends with a request to meet in person. That's something that should always be done.

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(Company Name)
(Hiring Manager's Name)
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Dear (Hiring Manager's Name):

If you're looking for a business manager with insight, creativity and exceptional professional integrity, look no further. My specialties include process reengineering and change management with an endless supply of new ideas and a strong ability to generate solutions to problems where none seemed to exist. And I will teach, inspire and motivate others to do the same.

I have developed superior analytical, interpersonal and a perspective and sophistication unique in our industry – all of which I can put to work for you immediately. In my most recent position as business manager at ABC Company I was credited with reducing overtime costs by $150,000 and recruiting costs by 30%. This is only a small example of what I would do as [position title] at [company name].

My resume provides further details on my background and accomplishments. Realizing that this data cannot adequately convey my personal strengths I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to do so in person.

I thank you for your consideration and look forward to hearing from you.



Jane Smith

Enclosure: Resume

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