Child Care Worker Cover Letter

by Checkmate Resume

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Dear (Personalize Whenever Possible):

I wanted to introduce myself and inquire as to whether you had any positions available for a teaching assistant. As a newcomer to the area, I am eager to find a job that accommodates my love of children with my creativity and background in child development.

As a nanny for several families during college, I became familiar with all types of discipline and child issues and assuaged my curiosity by reading dozens of books on child care best practices so I could not only understand the family dynamic but help create a calmer environment that would allow the children to be successful. I’d like to translate that experience into a child care setting and have heard great things about Loving Child Day Care Center.

I understand the physical and emotional demands of working with children and have the perfect blend of patience, energy, compassion and responsibility, topped off with a healthy dose of silliness! In addition, I have excellent verbal, listening and written communication skills to effectively work with parents and others on the teaching team.

Another area where I excel in child development is in health and nutrition: I am eager to pass on healthy habits that include plenty of exercise and good nutrition! With my former charges, I spent plenty of time playing games outside and at the park, and cooking healthful meals and snacks – often with produce we grew in our own small garden! 

I have undergone background checks and am certified in CPR.

Attached is my resume, along with numbers of two families for whom I have nannied. They can tell you in more detail how my personality makes me ideally suited to this position.

I will call you next week to see if I can visit your center for an interview and tour, or you may reach me at (phone/email).