Child Life Intern Cover Letter

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This cover letter example was written for a job seeker applying for a child life intern position. Since she was new to the profession, she felt the need to justify why she believed in her candidacy. She mentioned the fact that she used to be an athlete in university and then went on to explain how her candidacy met three key requirements of the job, namely attitude, communication and reliability. She ends by showing that she did her research and by complimenting the employer. Smart thing to do. One nice thing about this cover letter is that it is a little longer than most, yet was an easy read. Another advantage of having a longer cover letter is that it shows your interest. The applicant did not make the mistake that too many job seekers make, meaning sending a generic cover letter to employers. She took the right path in focusing her energy on fewer positions, but putting all the odds on her side.

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December 21, 2009


Julie VanVeldhuizen, BS, CCLS
Child Life Student Clinical Site Supervisor
WakeMed Health and Hospitals
Surgical Services Department-Day Surgery
3000 New Bern Avenue
Raleigh, NC 27610


Dear Ms. VanVeldhuizen,

Over the years, my course of studies and employment choices have led me to the realization that the most fulfilling times in my life have transpired when acting as a caregiver for young children. A child's boundless curiosity and innocent spirit is truly a privilege to be around. It is for this reason that I have chosen a career path that enables me to be an integral part of their development. My research into hospitals pursuing excellence in pediatric care has directed me to WakeMed, and it is with great enthusiasm that I submit to you my application for the position of CHILD LIFE INTERN.

Having been a student athlete in both high school and college, I recognize the importance of working hard to achieve established goals. I also understand that success is truly a collaborative effort. Had it not been for my family and coaches' ongoing support during these years, I am certain that I never would have attained a fraction of my success. Although my athletic trials can in no way compare to the scope of challenges facing patients and families devastated by illness and injury, I now feel the desire to reciprocate the support I received by championing the cause of others. And I can think of no group of people more deserving than critically ill children. In assessing my credentials for the position, please also consider the following:

  • Attitude: Because I have worked in multiple positions where maturity, sound judgment and rational thinking were critical to my performance, I truly feel as though I am an excellent match for this opportunity.
  • Communication: I am confident when communicating with all members of a health care team, including: doctors, nurses, physical therapists, counselors and hospital administrators.
  • Reliability: In both employment and volunteer positions, I consistently maintain an excellent record of being on time, prepared, and eager to take on new responsibilities.

WakeMed's plan to build a 34,000 square foot multidisciplinary children's hospital only reinforces my belief that, if accepted into the Child Life Internship Program, I will be surrounded by the best in pediatric care.

Ms. VanVeldhuizen, thank you kindly for your initial consideration. I wish you the best of luck in your search for a qualified candidate, while eagerly awaiting my own results in the selection process.

Warmest regards,


Diane L. Parks


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