Executive Cover Letter (Aerospace & Airline)

by A Resume Wizard

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The cover letter below was written for an executive in the airline and aerospace industry. It is reflective of the conventional cover letter that executives send out. The applicant did a good job at showing his experience, qualifications and knowledge base. Further, the bullets that he included were very effective at summarizing the key aspects of his candidacy that he wanted to highlight. In the last paragraph of the cover letter he referred to the fact that if there was a challenge to overcome, his team and himself could make it happen. This subtle reference to teamwork will not go unnoticed to the sharp eyes of an experienced recruiter.

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Dear (Name):

It is with great interest and enthusiasm that I present to you my enclosed resume. To remain competitive, profitable, and growing, today's companies must take an urgent and comprehensive approach to the successful management of business processes, and to providing shareholders value.

I offer diverse experience managing large-scale business projects and operations for some of the world's leading companies, with demonstrated skills that can help you meet these critical challenges. As a skilled Program Director and eight-year member of the Project Management Institute and American Society for the Advancement of Project Management, highlights of my qualifications include:

  • Over 12 years of international business management experience combined with an MBA, BSEE and a professional certification in Project Management (PMP).
  • Excellent skills in reengineering and restructuring business operations that have significant impact and yield an increase in profitability for the company. String strategic and business planning skills.
  • Creative problem solver who applies financial and analytical expertise in profit and loss management to achieve performance objectives.
  • Proactive leader with effective team building skills. Empower staff members to think and work independently and in a team environment to accomplish mission of corporate objectives.
  • Dynamic self-starter with a strong sense of responsibility and a positive, goal-oriented attitude. Able to manage multiple complex projects and issues simultaneously.
  • Knowledge of, and experience in computer systems and custom applications.

The enclosed resume highlights many more achievements and qualifications that reflect my ability to meet or exceed corporate goals and customer satisfaction targets. If there is a challenge to overcome, my teams and I make it happen, no matter what the business environment. It is my firm belief that I can deliver similar outcomes to [company name] and I look forward to discussing your needs and my solutions.



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