Fast Food Cover Letter

by Checkmate Resume

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September 8, 2004


Frank Burns, Manager
511 Main St.
Home Town, IL 60610


Dear Mr. Burns,

I’m writing to apply for the recently advertised position at SuperBurgers.

I’m an Honors Student at West High School with my own, reliable transportation.

As the regular babysitter for the Hansen family, I have learned what it means to make a commitment and honor it. I also learned a lot about cooking, cleaning and multi-tasking.

I like to show initiative. During last winter’s record snowfalls I set up a snow shoveling business and took care of most of the homes in my neighborhood.

I’m known for my sense of responsibility. I’m a fast learner with lots of energy and I thrive on a high-energy environment.

I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss opportunities at SuperBurgers, and share contact information for my references.

Below is how I can be reached:

  • Address: Hope Full, 1919 Lucky Street, Home Town, IL 60610
  • Cell Phone: 123-456-7890
  • Land Line: 456-123-7890
  • E-mail: [email protected]

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.



Hope Full