Fire Captain Cover Letter

by A Resume Wizard

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The cover letter below was written for a client who was seeking an executive appointment with the Dallas Fire-Rescue Department. This cover letter stands out because it was written for a public office. These offices normally go through a rigorous screening process wherein applicants have to clearly demonstrate how they meet the criteria of the position. In that regard, applying for positions in the public sector is different from applying for positions in the private sector where, in general, the selection process is not as rigid. The applicant did a good job at clearly stating his experience with the fire department in many capacities throughout the years. The fact that he used a table to show how his candidacy met each of the requirements of the position helped keep the letter succinct.

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October 24, 2007


Chief Daniel Ryder
Dallas Fire-Rescue Department
2550 Meadow Creek Lane 10AS
Dallas, TX  75201

Dear Chief,

Enclosed is a resume in application for an executive appointment with the Dallas Fire-Rescue Department. As a 25+ year firefighter who has served as a Fire Captain/Lieutenant for the past 16 years, I have the skills, knowledge, and - most importantly - the dedication and commitment to ensure that citizens and businesses are provided with safe, efficient and quality emergency services. Let me highlight a few of the areas where I believe I am exceptionally qualified to fulfill the requirements of the position:

  • Two years' experience at the Captain's rank and above: I have been a firefighter since 1981 and have served as a Fire Captain for a triple company since 2004. In addition, I served as a Fire Lieutenant for a single company for 13 years.
  • Applicants who are pursuing or possess a college degree: I possess a Bachelor of Arts from Prairie View A&M University, have earned several professional certifications, and completed extensive professional development courses.
  • Manage, coordinate, and supervise emergency operations by directing the activities of emergency personnel: As Fire Captain for the past three years, I have been responsible for the day-to-day operations of my team. My leadership skills generate trust because I believe in fair and equal treatment of others and that all leaders are more effective if they lead with a team mentality.
  • Facilitate subordinates professional development through application and monitoring of training programs: I assist with regular in-service training programs and use employee evaluations to identify the strengths and weaknesses of my team for performance improvement.

I look forward to the evaluation/assessment process and the opportunity to demonstrate my abilities to handle an executive appointment with the DFD. Thank you for your consideration of my application.



Taylor Scruggs

Enclosure: Resume

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