Insurance Appraiser Cover Letter

by Checkmate Resume

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Dear (Mr. or Ms.) (Last Name),

I wanted to apply for the open position of insurance appraiser. For the past five years I have worked desk side for Liberty Mutual, processing claims. My current company has no outside positions open so I was delighted to read about yours. I believe I would be an excellent fit, particularly given my experience as an “inside” evaluator.

I am familiar with the process needed to properly evaluate and submit appraisals for parts and labor to restore vehicles, and I am adept at assessing which vehicles should be classified as loss or can be restored to pre-accident condition.

My written and verbal skills and even temperament mean that I will be excellent at dealing with customers, vendors and the internal team alike. I work well under pressure and understand the need for thorough, accurate and timely reporting.

As an aside, I am a car buff who knows a lot about the history and specifications of a wide variety of vehicles. This knowledge comes in handy with all the different groups I deal with, from owners to repair shops.

I appreciate you considering me as I am eager to jump to the next level of my career and feel I would be an asset to your company.

I look forward to hearing from you.




Insurance Appraiser Cover Letter