Internal Communications Cover Letter

by Checkmate Resume

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Dear (Mr. or Mrs.) (Last Name),

Thank you for considering my candidacy for the internal communications manager position that you have available. For the past two years, I have been conducting the majority of the internal communications in the human resources department of my accounting firm.

I actually was the one who suggested that we implement a more structured program when I realized that our employees didn't know about all the wonderful opportunities that were available to them. For example, our firm was very active with the local food bank, but many people didn’t know that they could bring in food the last week of every month, deliver it and then help with a packing event. It turned out that only a few people knew that this opportunity was available to them.

I decided that we needed a more formal program than just putting flyers on various walls throughout the office -- our current main method of communication. I worked with the human resources manager to implement a system for a weekly employee email blast, that would outline not only volunteer opportunities like the one mentioned, but monthly get together for coffee and conversation, where we would have a speaker; and interdepartmental potluck lunches to help build camaraderie. Of course, I also made sure that everyone was aware of updated vacation and sick leave policies, so that there was never a question about policies and procedures.

As much as I have enjoyed these outreach efforts, it is only one small part of my current job and I am seeking an opportunity to make this my primary function. Not only am I proactive, as you can see, but I am responsible, detail-oriented and 100 percent devoted to any task I undertake. My background in human resources is complemented by ongoing training I've had in marketing and writing, which I believe is the perfect combination of skills for this position.

I appreciate your consideration and look forward to meeting you soon to find out more about the position and how I can be an asset to your company.

Yours truly,


Jane Doe