Loan Officer Cover Letter

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The cover letter example below is that of a loan officer. The structure of the cover letter is effectively laid out in three paragraphs. The first paragraph introduces the applicant and highlights his strengths. The second paragraph includes bullets discussing key aspects of his qualifications that are relevant to the lending and financial industries. The third paragraph concludes the cover letter by reiterating the applicant's interest in the position. To come back to the second paragraph, it is effectively written by emphasizing four aspects of the applicant's qualifications: his ability to develop and cultivate client relationships, his ability to lead and motivate other employees, his in-depth knowledge of financial concepts and loan products, and his ability to adapt quickly to dynamic situations. Overall, this cover letter sample does a good job at presenting the applicant's skills in a favourable light.

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January 2, 20XX


Ms. Bailey Addison
ACME Enterprises
456 Oak Street
Glendale, CA  91204


Dear Ms. Addison,

It is often said that to operate effectively within a financial environment, one must be tenacious, analytical, and highly dedicated. In addition to these characteristics, I also offer an unsurpassed level of commitment to client service and the ability to quickly assimilate new information into my daily business transactions. Now in pursuit of new opportunities, I would be pleased to apply my competencies to add value as a member of your team.

The following is a representative sample of the skills and abilities that make me unique:

  • Effectively developing new and cultivating existing relationships: The ability to form trusting partnerships and guide client decisions is something that sets me apart from my peers. Regarded for my comprehensive understanding of financial products, I am able to work with clients to facilitate decisions that meet with personal financial goals. This has resulted in highly satisfied clients who, in turn, refer others in need of similar services.
  • Providing staff leadership and motivation: As the Director of the Mortgage Division with ABC Mortgage Corporation, I formed and continue to nurture professional relationships with my staff, which has resulted in their high performance. Cohesive and dedicated, ideas are shared in an environment that is characterized by ongoing learning. As a result of my managerial strength, retention is high within my group and the team continues to be challenged to exceed performance expectations.
  • Utilizing superior financial and business acumen: These skills ensure that I am able to share my knowledge with clients and staff alike. With a comprehensive understanding of loan products and associated features, I provide clients with many options to ensure financing terms and conditions are acceptable given parameters of the overall financial picture.
  • Quickly adapting to dynamic situations: You will not find an employee as tenacious. In pursuit of challenges, I readily assume the most exigent projects and effortlessly facilitate their streamlined execution.

I would welcome the opportunity to review my credentials with you in a personal meeting. Please feel free to contact me at the number referenced above to arrange a time to speak.



Jesse Kendall

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