Marketing Cover Letter

by JobBound

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The cover letter sample below is that of a marketing executive. It was written around the theme of "building," as in building a business. The second paragraph mentioned that the applicant was one of the first in the advertising industry to see the potential in Web advertising when the Internet was at its beginning. In tapping into that new market, he was able to help his company grow 500 percent in six years. The third paragraph discussed his working style, collaborating closely with clients and project management teams to bring innovative programs and products to the fore in an ever changing world. The applicant then concluded the cover letter by stressing his connections with executives in various consumer brand and advertising agencies. This cover letter distinguishes itself with its dynamic tone and formulation around one central theme, which was very effective.

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May 20, 2006


37774 Kennedy Drive
Austin, TX 34421


Dear Mr. Kelso,


It's what I do for a living.

No, not in the traditional hammer and nail sense, but in the business sense - whether it's building a marketplace for a product I'm selling, building a series of original products, or building a business.

Six years ago, the world of internet advertising was unproven and untapped. I created a sales and marketing plan of attack for this fledging media, and ultimately built an incredibly strong client base and revenue stream that helped our company grow 500% in six years.

In working closely with my clients and with a project management team, I built a series of innovative programs and products that respond to an ever-changing web-based marketplace. As the technology has evolved, I've been able to adapt to the changing playing field.

And finally, I built a business of more than 180 clients that includes senior managers and decision makers at some of the world's largest consumer brands and advertising agencies.

I'm excited to learn more about Angelo Worldwide, and I'm thrilled at the chance to build your business. I look forward to following up about the Vice-President of Marketing Services job.



Jason Kroll