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The cover letter example below is that of a marketing executive working for the private sector, looking for a position in the public sector. The applicant emphasized his experience working for Georgia Power, during which he developed relationships that benefited communities. Taking his background working for a major energy supplier and his experience building marketing departments, brand identities, missions and teams in the corporate world, he expressed his desire to return to economic development to lend his strengths and skills to building better communities and shaping public development projects. This along with his far reaching network of connections with individuals holding key posts in corporate leadership and policy-making make him the perfect fit for a seat on the Electric Cities of Georgia's Economic Development Council.

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Company Name
Attn: Director
123 Smart Street
Atlanta, GA 30308


Dear Hiring Manager:

Visionary marketing... Fearless organizational planning... Positive community accountability.

Helping to implement Operation Legacy, through the Economic and Business Development division of Georgia Power, is only the first of my many years' experience developing relationships that benefit communities: local, public, and professional. I have worked tirelessly to craft powerful marketing tools that communicate the benefits of technologically innovative products and services. I wish to bring my passion for the state of Georgia, my network of rising and influential professionals and policymakers, and powerful marketing expertise to Electric Cities of Georgia's Economic Development Council.

As a marketing executive, I have spearheaded numerous critical projects that led to rapid business development and sales growth:

  • Enterprise-wide marketing plan development, including budgeting--for Big Marketing, Need to Know Marketing, Strategic Business, and Artistic Endeavors University.
  • Using data mining techniques to improve organizational strengths and create community outreach--for the Economic and Business Development division of The Power Company.
  • Strategic and financial planning--with The List I achieved 55% revenue growth in just one year.
  • Brand development--with Big Marketing and Need to Know Marketing, created a unified sales, marketing, and public relations message and execution (print, online, interpersonal) and encouraged each team to contribute according to this corporate image.

Having built marketing departments, brand identities, missions, and teams in the corporate world, I want to return to economic development to lend my strength and skills to building communities and shaping public development projects. If your organization is looking for a results-oriented marketing executive with an enthusiasm for Georgia and her future, I would be interested in speaking with you to discuss the value that my experience can deliver. I can be reached in confidence at the above telephone number or email address. I look forward to hearing from you.

With best regards,


John Smith

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