B2B Marketing Manager Cover Letter

by Cathy Eng

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The cover letter example below of a B2B marketing manager (meaning business to business) is interesting from many standpoints. First, it emphasizes the fact that the job seeker is an outgoing and resourceful person who can reach out to others. The cover letter then goes on to tie the loop by directing to three key aspects of the job: marketing, sales and customer relations. In the middle paragraph, the cover letter goes into specifics and gives examples of events that were successfully organized, things that were done to increase productivity and skills put to use. A nice touch in the third paragraph is a reference to volunteer work. That may not be a big asset if you are a bookkeeper, but if you are in marketing, it is definitely an added bonus.

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Dear (Mr. or Ms.) (Last Name):

My passion for delivering fresh, innovative marketing solutions, enthusiasm as a people person, and proven experience make me a natural marketing manager. From seeking out new customers through email marketing campaigns and promotional events to maintaining long-standing partnerships with clients and vendors, I have a diverse grasp of marketing, sales, and customer relationship management that spans more than 14 years. These are skills I am interested in offering to a great company like [company name].

Here is just one example of my many successes. During my time at AAA Corp., I successfully executed a large-scale annual event (20,000+ attendees) after the sudden departure of the previous event manager. I jumped right in and directed the intense planning process involving a 140-point task list and constant cross-functional coordination. I pulled off the event without a hitch including planning of a large booth and multiple kiosks, as well as scheduling of conference accommodations, parties, presentations, and press interviews. On-site, I orchestrated all logistics and successfully handled unexpected issues, despite having a 103-degree temperature! An event that took previous event planners more than 10 months to plan, I executed in less than five months. The skills I used to plan the event - leadership, innovation, organization, and determination - I have utilized throughout my career in marketing.

Since departing from AAA in 2009, I have devoted myself to volunteer work with both Non-Profit A and Non-Profit B, which has afforded me the opportunity to help those in need. Not only am I dedicated to helping others, you will find that I am incredibly hands-on, easy to work with, and refreshingly creative.

My skills, experience, and determination make me an excellent fit for the [company name] team. I welcome the opportunity to tell you more about what I can offer your company. Thank you for considering my qualifications.



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