MBA Program Cover Letter

by ResumeEdge

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The cover letter sample below is that of a candidate applying for admission into an MBA program with the School of Management of West Coast University. Right in the first paragraph, she referenced an interview she had with one of the school's alumnus, which shows that she is proactive and has done her research before applying. She then stated why she was interested in the school, including its educational policies and its diverse background of students and professors. In the third paragraph of the cover letter, she listed four bullets highlighting her key strengths: seven years of experience in the international banking industry, strong quantitative and analytical skills, fluency in multiple languages and inspirational leadership in a cross-cultural environment. The applicant ended her cover letter on a strong point, stating that she would be at the university in the second week of February to audit classes and interact with other students. This cover letter does a good job at showing the applicant's interest, but also diligence in choosing the right MBA program that meets her needs.

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January 5, 2003


Office of Admissions
School of Management
West Coast University
111 Pacific Coast Highway
San Francisco, California 94101


To Members of the Admissions Committee:

This letter expresses my interest in applying for admission to the School of Management's Fall 2003 MBA Program. On December 21, 2002, I had the pleasure of interviewing with your alumnus, Mr. Stephen Meeker, a meeting that solidified my decision.

After comprehensive research into your program, I was pleased with your educational policies and the culturally diverse environment in which I can learn much from both professors and students of many nations.

The enclosed resume provides my inclusive and accomplished background, including:

  • Seven years of experience in international banking.
  • Strong quantitative and analytical skills.
  • Fluency and solid communication capabilities in English, French, and Italian.
  • Inspirational leadership in a cross-cultural environment in France and Italy.

I will be visiting West Coast University during the second week of February to audit classes and interact with the students. Should you require additional information, I can be reached at the number above.



Alicia Stephenson