Pharmaceutical Sales Cover Letter

by Checkmate Resume

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Dear (Mr. or Ms.) (Last Name),

Application for Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Position

I wanted to respond to your position for a pharmaceutical sales representative that I saw on Monster.

I readily possess all the skills and qualities that would make me a success in this position, including:

  • Strong organizational skills
  • Proven sales skills
  • Mobile computing skills
  • Ability to quickly come up to speed on diverse product lanes
  • A passion to succeed

Though I haven’t worked in this field specifically, I am well versed in the characteristics that are needed to succeed, as my day-to-day schedule in my past position as an office machine sales representative meant that I frequently crossed paths with these professionals and became familiar with their responsibilities. Given contraction in my industry I was recently laid off and feel that it is the perfect time to start a new career.

Though I know you might be tempted to someone who has previous experience in this field, I hope you will consider my candidacy. I know that my drive and ability to quickly learn diverse skills and products will make me an asset to your sales team. I am eager to talk with you about how my experience might dovetail with your needs and will follow up with you shortly. In the meantime, you may reach me at the contact information below.