Director of Sales and Training Cover Letter

by JobBound

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The cover letter example below is that of an experienced salesperson with a background in education and administration. In the second paragraph of the cover letter, the applicant focused on his ability to break into new markets and win business from entrenched competitors. As an example, he stated that he was able to build a team of 20 salespersons from the ground up in 90 days. The third paragraph of the cover letter addressed other aspects of his qualifications, including brand management, competitive intelligence and headquarters account management. Overall, this cover letter, although well-written, lacks concrete number figures. Sales is a numbers game.

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May 5, 2006


Mr. Stanley Gregson
EduTech, Inc.
1400 Bonaventure Avenue
Montgomery, AL, 36100


Dear Mr. Gregson,

Credibility is the key to being successful when selling educational products. As an experienced sales person with a background as an educator and administrator, I bring a unique background to the field.

I believe that I have the right qualities and experience to thrive as the Director of Sales and Training for EduTechster. Breaking into new markets and winning business from entrenched competitors has been a strength of mine as a sales professional. I built an entire 20 person sales team from scratch at my most recent job and then had them cover 33 states in just 90 days.

As you well know, the sales window of opportunity is a short one in our industry. Being skilled in brand management, competitive intelligence and headquarters account management has served me well and allowed me to exceed all sales quotas in every job I've had.

I'm very interested in EduTechster and would be delighted to relocate to Montgomery. I'm sure you'll find my qualifications align with your needs.

I look forward to following up soon. I will plan to call you in a week. In the meantime, I can be reached at 901.220.5555.



March Shelton