Sales Specialist Cover Letter

by Resume Edge

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(Company Name)
(Hiring Manager's Name)
(Name of Company)
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Dear (Hiring Manager's Name):

Thank you for allowing me to present myself as a candidate for (position title), a prospect about which I am very excited. Given my background in sales, I can understand the need for a (position title) that can attend to detail, capitalize on opportunity and lead teams to meet company objectives. I have consistently exceeded sales goals and contributed greatly to the company's bottom line.

I am known for building customer relationships through a strategic, consultative sales approach, characterized by careful and thorough customer needs assessment and tailored solutions that are strategic and effective. It's a very rewarding sales method with measurable gains not only in sales achievement but also in customer capture, satisfaction, and retention.

In addition to my proven abilities to meet quotas and maintain long-term relationships, you will find that I have the enthusiastic sales spirit you are looking for. These are qualities I look forward to demonstrating for (company name). As you will see on the enclosed resume, the depth of my experience offers you the opportunity to hire an experienced professional -- one who can begin being productive at once.

Realizing that my resume cannot adequately tell the whole story, I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss my qualifications. Thank you for your consideration.



Jane Smith