Security Analyst Cover Letter

by JobBound

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The cover letter example below is that of a job seeker looking for a security analyst job. Upfront, he sets himself apart by engaging the reader to read further. The cover letter is unique in that it is written with style and in a dynamic tone. The job seeker discusses his family history, implying that his take on the profession comes from his upbringing. That can be something that some employers consider to be a strong asset because there is no better teacher than members of your family. They will not hold secrets or tricks of the trade from you and will teach you all that they know. Reference to family traditions also gives the sense that the job seeker is passionate about this profession and that he chose this career not only to earn a living, but because he truly enjoys what he's doing.  He ends his letter offering to share more of his family stories. That's an original ending.

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April 1, 2006


John Williams
Human Resources Coordinator
ABC Company
34843 Bonner Blvd.
Denver, CO 39393


Dear Mr. Williams,

Intelligence is in my blood. Literally.

My grandfather, a Dutch electrical engineer, was intimately involved in British intelligence during World War II. A recent visit he and I shared at the Memorial in DC was incredibly moving. Freedom comes at a price, and the ideals of honor, commitment and sacrifice are those that have been with me for a lifetime.

Intelligence is the raw material for any successful engagement. Quite simply, better information leads to better decisions. I've had the chance to witness that first-hand throughout my career. Understanding people, creating trust, and engaging in active listening have been tools I've used to convince organizational alumni to donate millions of dollars as a Director of Resource Development.

I have the passion, the dedication, and the background to become a successful Leadership Analyst. I look forward to sharing my story with you and continuing the family bloodline.



Ryan Rudolph