Cover Letter Example of a Teacher with a Passion for Teaching

by JobBound

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The cover letter example below is that of a teacher. The cover letter is unique in that it is effective at demonstrating the applicant's passion for teaching. In professions such as this one, passion and dedication are traits that employers value. A teacher needs to be inspired in order to be able to inspire his or her students. The applicant wrote her cover letter around this theme.

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May 15, 2006


9292 Quiet Oaks
Biloxi, MS 29292


Dear Ms. Swamer:

There's nothing quite like teaching.

I'm lucky, because through teaching, I get to live my passion. I love working with kids. I love inspiring learning. And I love the results. There's no better feeling than seeing one of your students finally "get it."

Creative lesson plans and boundless energy are what I consider to be my hallmarks. I had the privilege of launching an entirely new curriculum at Belaire Middle School. It was certainly a challenge, but with all new course materials, an all-school play and a trip to a Spanish language theater group, I knew the students were doing so much more than just going through the motions.

I'm anxious to tell you more about my qualifications, and why I'd like to be part of St. Alphonsus School. I'll plan to follow up in a week's time. In the meantime, feel free to call me at 860.229.1235.



Sarah Serenity