Waitress Cover Letter

by Kimberly Sarmiento

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Mr. (Ms.) ________________
(Address 1)
(Address 2)


Dear Mr. (Ms.) ____________,

Good day. I am writing in response to your open position of Waitress/Banquet Server that is listed on your website.  Having worked in busy restaurant and hotel operations that provided wedding services, on- and off-site catering, and fine dining, I excel in providing the best of services to a wide-range of guests, including VIPs.

In relation to the requirements that you posted for the position, please consider:

  • Provide high quality service, making sure guest’s needs are met throughout their dining experience: I offer a proven record of providing exceptional customer service, developing a group of clients who request me for both individual dining and catering experiences.
  • The ability to help clients decide on their dinning choices/menus during individual and catering experiences: I am a quick study and highly adept at learning menus to help customers decide on appetizers, main courses, wines, desserts, and other dining choices.
  • Compliance with all health and safety requirements: I offer a 10 year record of dining service with no safety violations. Additionally, I have helped three restaurants achieve full compliance to OSHA and other regulations.
  • Accurate cash handling and order processing: Between fine dining and catering services, I have handled thousands of dollars in cash on a given night while processing hundreds of orders accurately and to full customer/guest satisfaction.
  • Two years of experience: I have worked in fine dining, catering, and banquets as a service and team lead for 10 years.

Confident I will make a positive impact as a member of your Wait/Banquet staff, I respectfully submit my resume for your review. I hope to meet with you soon to discuss my possible contributions to your operation and will make myself available at your convenience. Until then, thank you for your consideration.



Samantha Smith