Guidelines for Contributions

We receive a lot of requests to contribute articles to WorkBloom. Therefore, in order to simplify the process and avoid redundancies, we’ve prepared guidelines. There will be no exceptions to the following guidelines.


  • We only accept contributions from writers with credentials. If you are submitting purely for SEO, we will not accept your article.
  • We only accept job search articles or career articles from the job seeker/ professional standpoint (and not from the standpoint of the organization).
  • We only accept substantive articles that discuss a topic in detail and from an original perspective. Repeating the same old tips won’t work.
  • We only accept articles that are 1,000 words or more.
  • We only accept articles that are well-written (clear, concise and to the point). No superfluous language to meet the word count requirement.
  • We don’t allow links in the body of the article, period. If relevant, we will add links in the body of the article ourselves. We only allow one link in the biography at the end of the article. The link must link to the home page of the site and use as anchor text the name of the site. No keywords.


If you think you meet the above guidelines, please send us an email to info (at) with the topic “Article Contribution” and include:

  • Why you want to contribute an article.
  • The name and URL of your site.
  • Three topics for consideration.
  • Any other relevant information.

*** After you submit an article, we reserve the right to refuse to publish it if it does not meet our quality standards.

*** Please note that we will not respond to generic emails or emails that do not address the above guidelines.