Dress for Success: How to Present a Professional Image at the Interview and on the Job

by T.M.Lewin

Dress for Success

Your appearance is a direct reflection of who you are. On interview day, visual appearance and nonverbal cues will provide more of an insight on you than you may think. If you harness this as a tool, it can be leveraged strategically to your advantage. A confident look will result in a confident you, and in most cases, this is a recipe for success. Research has shown how crucial the first minute of one's initial introduction is. The majority of people (90%) form their opinion of others within less than a minute. Passing this initial and often subconscious test with a positive appearance and attractive nonverbal cues are likable traits for a prospective candidate. When you’re in the face of an interview or career opportunity, you’ll never be able to recover from a poor first impression. After interview day, this polished image remains important. At your place of employment everyone will notice the attire you turn up in, including co-workers, company stakeholders, and of course, the person who interviewed you. Looking sharp, smart and polished is respectable. This isn’t to say a casual denim day or a pair of sneakers is unacceptable. Of course dress codes are a subjective topic; they vary across cultures, positions, fields and locations. Remaining mindful of your appearance will give you the confidence to succeed and in turn that professional edge to grow.

We’ve all struggled with the need to look and feel great, all while remaining professional. It may seem as though employers are extra wary of how you carry yourself. You never want to feel overdressed nor underdressed in any unfamiliar professional setting. Office-appropriate attire becomes increasingly complicated as professional environments evolve in our modern world. We see a rise in more creative jobs and trendy/relaxed work environments, all complicating the question of what is appropriate work attire.

Before you stare into the depths of your closet and waste unneeded energy questioning, focus more on preparing and researching for the desired role. English tailor, T.M.Lewin has developed this savvy guide exploring what to wear in various workplaces. Whether the company you seek employment with defines itself as business casual, business formal or nothing at all, these style tips will have you dressing confidently.

T.M.Lewin is a historic, London-based design house most widely known for the invention of the coat-shirt, better known today as a button-down or button-front shirt. One thing that remains timeless in the world of business and professionalism is the dress shirt. We have seen this wardrobe staple cross borders and genders within the past century. If in need of a smarter look, T.M.Lewin has a noteworthy selection of men’s shirts and women’s shirts for any occasion; casual or formal.

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