How to Interview the Right Way by Avoiding These 6 Common Mistakes

by Mary Frederick

How to Interview

We’ve all been through the anxiety of an interview, hoping for the best. Many of us have had great success with interviewing, but we’ve also suffered from some failures. Not getting the job is often part of the process—but if this is a recurring pattern then you may be doing something wrong. There are some rather obvious interviewing mistakes and then some that you may have skipped over in the past. Making just one of these mistakes can cost you a lot in the long run, so it’s time to learn from your mistakes and how to interview the right way.

You know that you want to put your best foot forward in an interview. Chances are that you dress the part, but if you come off the wrong way then you can kiss the next steps goodbye. This is where you want to get in touch with your inner confidence and ensure that you know how to communicate well. Some of that comes as common sense and yet there are always things that we can learn from to improve our interviewing skills. Don’t focus on the past—just learn from it so that you know how to move forward in a successful way!

These are the things that you have likely done wrong in an interview without even realizing it. These actions or behaviors have kept you from getting to the next level. Working through these can ensure that you ace the interview every single time. Here’s what NOT to do in an interview. Once you learn not to make these mistakes you will enjoy much greater interviewing success.

Coming Off Cocky or Conceited

Confidence is a wonderful thing, but it can be taken too far. If you are only talking about yourself and not actually listening to the questions, then this will come off badly. If you are conceited and you know that you are a big deal and work too hard to prove that, then you are going to rub the interviewer the wrong way.

There is a fine line between confidence and being cocky or conceited, so be sure that you don’t cross the line and cost yourself dearly in the long run. Nobody likes somebody who rambles on about themselves without being asked!

Coming Into the Interview Unprepared

By all means do your homework! Don’t go into that interview unprepared for it will show. Know exactly what you are interviewing for and educate yourself on the position. Research the company so that you can speak to some important general facts.

Take the time to go in prepared and ready for the types of questions that may come your way. Also be sure that you practice interviewing if it’s been awhile. The more preparation that you put in, the more it will show that you are the right candidate for the job. Never underestimate the importance of preparation, particularly if you want to move on in the interviewing process.

Not Really Listening to the Interviewer

If you just throw answers out there and hope for the best, this is never going to end well. If you are skipping past their questions and giving evasive answers, then forget about moving forward. You need to listen as much as you talk, so be sure that you remember it. The interviewer wants your respect and deserves it. This is a two way dialogue and it pays to remember that!

Underplaying Your Accomplishments

Though you don’t want to showboat, you also don’t want to underplay your greatest accomplishments. This is your chance, your opportunity to show them what you are made of. If you have received an award or accomplished something great, then talk about it when the time is right. If done in the right way, you can really stand out from the crowd.

Letting Your Nerves Take Over

Sure we all get nervous in an interview, and that’s just a fact of life. The problem is when you let those nerves take over and you freeze up. You may be the type who talks quietly or even talks nonstop when your nerves get the best of you. Preparation will help and so will taking a few deep breaths before you go in. The more you relax before going into the interview, the more confident and self-assured you will come across. Confront your nerves head on and stay calm. This will help you avoid falling into a negative cycle.

Trying Too Hard

Always dress the part that you want. However, never come on too strong. Don’t overdo it with your efforts or your presence. If you try too hard or you are trying to win over the interviewer with your charm, this can be off putting. Be yourself. Don’t try to be somebody else.

If you try too hard you may come off as rehearsed or fake, and this works against you in the long run. Being confident and authentic will always work to your advantage!

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