Interview Psychology: What Goes on in Their Mind?

Interview Psychology

Interviewing for a job is not only about the answers that you give or whether you’re the “most qualified.” There is an important component to the job interview that simply cannot be understated, namely, how the interviewer will process or interpret your answers and demeanor. Following are some insights into the psychology of an interview and how to prepare.


It’s normal to be nervous before a big interview. The trick however is to prepare well and visualise how you hope the interview will proceed. On interview day, as things progress, you will feel less at a loss and will be more in tune with the moment.

Be Positive

Smile and establish good eye contact. This will make you more approachable and will put everybody at ease.

Connect Instead of Overtly Promoting Yourself

Build a connection with the interviewer, show true interest in the organization and be enthusiastic about joining the team. Showing that you are interested will actually make you interesting and the interviewer will be more open to engaging in a meaningful discussion with you.

Be Clear

How you convey the message is as important as the message itself. An interview is a communication exercise. Even if you are the most qualified on paper,  that’s not good enough. It’s the impression that you leave behind when you discuss your qualifications that matters.

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