Panel Interview Mistakes to Avoid

by Marcia Robinson

Panel Interview

The panel interview, otherwise known as the "tag-team interview" or the "team interview" causes great stress for many candidates. For those people who are already terrified of meeting one-on-one with one hiring manager, the panel interview can be a nightmare.

The key to managing interviewing stress is the same for all kinds of interviews - Preparation. Plan for your panel interview in the same way you would for all other interviews and don't let the thought of multiple interviewers or recruiters add to your stress.

Here are a few tips for success in the panel interview:

  1. Make eye contact with more than one person on the panel. One person may have asked you the question, but you are still addressing your answer to everyone on the panel.

  2. Take extra copies of your resume and business cards to the interview.

  3. Do not be distracted by strange or odd behaviors you perceive from the interviewers. Some may have been called in at the last minute and you really don't know what else is happening at the company.

  4. Try to get contact information for the interview panel. You will want to thank everyone.

  5. Fee free to ask questions of any or all the interviewers on the panel. You may get additional insight into other areas of the company.

  6. Manage your stress before, not during, the panel interview. Get there early so you will have time for some deep breathing exercises before you get before the interviewers.

Marcia Robinson writes and trains on career, workplace and employment issues. She has more than 9 years experience in higher education and 14 years of business experience in the Hospitality and Technology sectors. Robinson holds a BS in Business Management and a MBA with emphasis in Human Resources.

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