Interview Skills: Performing at the Interview

Interview Skills

A job interview is a communication exercise. You may have the relevant qualifications, but it’s up to you to put forward your value proposition and show how you would be a great addition to the organisation. This is where having the right interview skills is critical.

The 3 Keys to Good Interview Skills

There are three keys to performing well at the job interview:

  • Be clear: Be clear when you speak. Speak loud enough so that the interviewer can hear you well, but also be clear in how you communicate your thoughts.

  • Be thoughtful: Being thoughtful means to be able to go through a subject-matter beyond a superficial level. When you are asked a question, try to give a unique answer that will show your qualifications and good judgment.

  • Be likable: Connect with the interviewer so that he or she would like to work with you. It boils down to this. Would the interviewer want to work with you? Would you fit in and add to the group dynamic?

How to Get There?

In order to improve your interview skills, you need to be resolute and disciplined.

First, start by knowing yourself. This includes reviewing your resume in detail. Knowing yourself is important because it is the key to being and sounding authentic when you answer questions.

Second, spend time to read up on interview tips and to practice. Practice makes perfect. Sit in front of a mirror and be critical. Write down your weak points and work on them, one at a time.

Third, when you're called in for an interview, do your research and prepare well. Knowledge is key. The more you know about the interview process the better. Otherwise, you would be preparing in the dark.

Good luck!

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