What Not to Wear: Suggestions for the Ladies

by Danielle O.

Interview Looks

These days, it doesn't take much for employers to dismiss candidates. Be sure your first impression is not a "turn off". Sure it might be a tad boring, but it may just get you that job. If, on the other hand, you want to "do your own thing", following these ideas will surely make a fashion statement:

1. Loud, ill-fitting suit complete with short or tight skirt: Nothing beats an "ensemble" that conveys the wrong impression. Stick to a conservative suit with a knee-length hem. Pantsuits are ok, but generally, skirts are better.

2. Low-cut blouse: May interest your prospective employers, but not in the proper way. Instead, wear a neutral color with a proper neckline. You can add a scarf if you'd like.

3. Very high heels: Not only will they ruin your feet, but surely won't go with your business suit. Pick "sensible" pumps with a moderate heel.

4. Sandals or sneakers: Might be swell for the beach or tennis court, but not fit in a company environment. (After you get hired, you can see what other folks are wearing, but for now, stick with the standard.)

5. Bare legs or pantyhose with runs: Pantyhose are the right thing to wear. Make sure they are free of runs. Bring a spare in case you need to change before the interview.

6. Lots of jewelry and piercings: Lose the bling. Take the nine rings off your fingers. Keep it down to a watch, maybe one ring/bracelet on each hand. Same for your necklace (which can stay hidden under your blouse.) Many piercings are a no-no, for sure. If you wear earrings, just sport one pair. Be sure your jewelry doesn't announce your presence!

7. Crazy hairdos: This is no time to be creative and try out new hairstyles. A good haircut or style is the right way to go. Leave all the fake, dyed pieces at home.

8. Wild nails or heavy make up: There is no need to look like Fu Manchu! Again, choose a nail polish color that is conservative and keep your nails trim and short. Same goes for the heavy make up. Unless you're interviewing for a loud '70s rock band like KISS, tone it down.

9. Heavy perfume: Many people are allergic. So don't wear any. Besides, you don't want to leave a trail!

10. Loud colors or huge purses: Again, you don't want to risk blowing your interview showing your crazy personality. Purses should be small, neutral in color and conservative. If you have a briefcase, you should bring that as well. Backpacks are for kids in school.

Remember, you want to look professional. It is never wrong to even look overly conservative or better dressed than the interviewer. After all, you are interviewing for the job: they already have one.

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