5 Great Telecommuting Jobs for Retirees

by Brie Weller Reynolds


Whether you’ve gotten to retirement and decided you can’t sit still, or you need a bit of supplemental income while you enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle, telecommuting jobs are a fantastic way to bring in extra income without giving up your new-found freedom. In addition, jobs during retirement can offer fun, flexibility, and opportunities for socializing and personal/professional growth.

With a telecommuting job, you’ll be able to work from home provided you have the basics of a home office -- laptop, phone, and Internet access are usually standard. Telecommuting jobs include both part-time and full-time schedules, so you’ll be able to find jobs that fit your schedule and needs, and many of them offer flexible schedules where you’re able to choose the hours you work.

Here are five types of telecommuting jobs worth considering in retirement:

1) Writing and editing jobs. If you have a way with words and have enjoyed writing and proofreading in your previous jobs, telecommuting writing jobs abound. Look for job titles like contributing editor, reporter, content writer, freelance writer, web editor, technical writer, and other variations.

2) Nonprofit and philanthropy. Retirees often have the same goal of giving back in their later years, and taking a part-time telecommuting job in a nonprofit organization is a fantastic way to give back and support yourself. There’s a huge variety of telecommuting jobs available in this industry, including development and fundraising, grants management, tutoring, advocacy consulting, and even telepsychiatry for people with backgrounds as psychiatrists.

3) Teaching and tutoring. If you want to pass your knowledge on to future generations, telecommuting teaching and tutoring positions are a large and growing option. Common job titles include online faculty, English/language arts teacher, student mentor, secondary science teacher, instructional designer, and French tutor. No matter your expertise area, almost every subject from math and science to the creative arts offers telecommuting opportunities.

4) Medical and health jobs. According to the FlexJobs Flexible Jobs Index, the medical and health category consistently offers the most available positions for telecommuting and flexible jobs. If you spent your career before retirement as a nurse, doctor, or medical professional, look for jobs like registered nurse case manager, managed care coordinator, social worker, and and Medicare chart reviewers.

5) Consulting jobs. No matter your previous career, consulting jobs allow you to continue to share your experience and knowledge with companies who need to better their practices. Consulting exists in fields like business, publishing, information technology, law, medical and pharmacy, education, sales, economics, and many others.

Holding a job in retirement is becoming more necessary, and re-entering the job market through a telecommuting job is a fantastic option. Consider what you’d like to do for work, learn about job opportunities, and keep your skills and application materials up to date to give yourself the best odds for landing a great telecommuting job during retirement.

Brie Weiler Reynolds is the Content and Social Media Manager at FlexJobs, the award-winning site for telecommuting and flexible job listings, and a former career advisor. At FlexJobs, Brie offers job seekers career and work-life balance advice through the FlexJobs Blog and social media.

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