Earn Money Doing Data Entry Online

by Jamie Carter

Data Entry

Earning money from the comfort of your home is now a real possibility thanks to the internet. Working from home is certainly not a get rich quick scheme, but if you have the ability to motivate yourself and stay motivated, there are many avenues you can take to start earning a paycheck. Doing data entry work is one such avenue. While you can certainly do it long-term, data entry is also a good option for people who are out of work and need to pick up some extra cash while they are in the midst of a job search. College students may also find it a good way to earn spending money.

What Equipment Is Required

Data entry requires nothing more than your computer, an internet connection, and programs such as Excel and Google Sheets to do the work. Sometimes, employers may even have you work within their own website or a form they provide.

Other than the basic computer setup, what does data entry require from you? Attention to detail and solid typing skills, primarily. If you are able to concentrate for long periods of time and don’t mind repeated work, then earning money doing data entry work from home might be a good option for you.

Where to Look for Data Entry Work

There are many places to look for data entry work online, just be careful you aren’t setting your rates too low or you will get taken advantage of. Try to figure out an hourly rate you would like to make, research what others are charging, and set it a little bit lower than your desired rate as you are starting out. Once you’ve proven yourself to a few clients and have projects to use as references, you can increase your hourly rate.

So where to find paid data entry opportunities? UpWork is always a valuable stop for people looking for any type of freelance work, data entry included. You will need to have a profile set up and take care of some administrative forms before getting started, though, and competition for jobs can be stiff. However, once you have proven yourself UpWork is a thriving marketplace in which to find clients.

Fiverr lets you determine how much data entry you are willing to do in increments of five dollars. Prices are usually set fairly low, but you can say you’ll do an hour of data entry for $10.

You can also earn money doing data entry work through Amazon’s mechanical turk service. Though many of these are quick jobs that pay only pennies because they are quick jobs, you can use this to get started and use on a future resume or application for larger, higher-paying data entry jobs.

If you’re willing to pay a fee, FlexJobs is the best job search site out there for freelancers and telecommuters. You can be assured that the job opportunities are legitimate, and that your application isn’t just disappearing into some black hole. Often, the opportunities on FlexJobs are at large or well-established companies with names that you will recognize. Both short- and long-term jobs are available, and can provide you with much more than a one-time, hourlong assignment of filling in an Excel sheet.

Be sure to keep an eye on Craigslist, too. You can find businesses in any part of the U.S. who are looking for data entry, as well as local businesses who might be more inclined to hire you again and again for projects. Other online job boards like Indeed and Monster may also post data entry jobs that you can do from home from time to time. Leave no stone unturned, as one assignment can easily snag you a regular client and valuable references.

Bidding for the Work

When you are crafting your proposals or resume during your data entry job search, be sure to put emphasis on skills such as your typing speed and attention to detail. Note your actual typing speed if you know it (if you don’t, you can take an online test at TypingTest, as well as any work related to data entry, including transcription or retyping documents. Transcription and retyping demonstrate your attention to detail and your willingness and motivation to perform tasks that require concentration and repetitive, often uncreative work.

Data entry is a necessary chore for most businesses, and can be time-consuming. That’s where you come in to save the day and stock your wallet. There are opportunities out there to earn money doing data entry from home once you start looking, and after a few successfully completed projects, you’ll find it easier to find work.

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