IT Jobs: Career Options and Where to Look

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IT Jobs

Information technology professionals are needed in virtually every industry. It is hard to think of any segment of today’s society that doesn’t rely on computers. Wherever a computer system is in place, IT professionals are needed.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the growth of the industry will continue to outpace the American economy. Over the next ten years, the need for computer and information technology professionals is expected to grow 12 per cent – more than twice the rate of job growth in the overall economy, which sits at 5 per cent. By 2024, computer and information technology jobs will number nearly 4.4 million.

This growth is related to the growth in cloud computing, the need for greater data storage and collection, and more everyday items being connected to the Internet, generally referred to as the “Internet of Things.”

The median annual wage for computer and information technology professionals was $81,430 in May 2015, much higher than the median annual wage for the entire economy, which sits at $36,200.

Those entering computer and information technology roles generally require at least a bachelor’s degree, although some positions might only require some post-secondary courses or other certification programs.

Where to Look for Jobs in IT

The following job search sites are dedicated to careers in information technology:

United States

  • Association for Computing Machinery – ACM represents the computing industry globally, with more than half of its 100,000 members located outside the United States. Its job bank allows you to search its database and create job alerts.
  • Network Professional Association – NPW focuses on providing support and industry insight to computer network professionals. Its job bank allows you to search by keyword and location.
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Computer Society – IEEE-CS is the world’s leading membership organization dedicated to computer science and technology. Its job board also includes career advice, webinars and document templates for the job search.


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