Job Hunting Craze

by Bethany Williams

Job Hunting

It is a crazy job hunting market out there. Crazy times require bold and fearless action. You will need to stand out in the crowd. You will need to stand out in a very big crowd. Be bold and creative. Consider making an interview DVD of why you'd like to work at a target company and send 15 copies to the leadership team at that company. Slip back in time a little and pound the pavement. With so many electronic resumes and emails, it is a good idea to visit the companies and dine in their cafeteria if it isn't security restricted. Walk into the human resources department. Check your LinkedIn profile and see if you are linked to ANYONE at your target company. Offer to take them for coffee.

Do your homework. Research target companies as if you were exploring a college education. The most persistent, dedicated, passionate, creative, bold and connected person MAY get in the door. Attend industry speeches given by their leadership. Stop shooting your resume everywhere and pick a handful of companies that you are passionate about working for.

Companies are doing this with their marketing efforts. Instead of running numerous advertisements and events in multiple locations, they target the customer base that is most likely to buy from them. Target market yourself to the companies that are most likely to hire you. When you limit it to a handful, you will be able to make a lasting impression. In order to get hired, they have to remember you. You will need to make a positive impression that leaves them thinking, "I'd like to hire that guy/gal." Consider your brand. What are you known for in the market? If you don't have a brand, what would you like to be known for? Create that messaging and use it on your resume, in your LinkedIn profile and in cover letters.

You own the rights to you. You are responsible for marketing yourself to the world. Stop apologizing for calling people to help and bothering them. You are a valuable asset. You are not "bothering" people when you politely ask them for help. If they aren't immediately calling you back, they are probably swamped. Think positive thoughts. Create your future by tackling the job search with boldness and fearlessness. You will find a position if you continue doing the right things, consistently, without pause or giving up.

Bethany Williams is an expert in business development, personal branding, and healthcare operations. She has held high level positions at a big four accounting firm, Perot Systems Corporation, GE Healthcare, and IDX Systems Corporation. Williams shares her stories and helpful tips on career success in her book, Winning Strategies for Women, and a popular motivational blog. She volunteers as a life coach and mentor for employees around the globe through her website and personal one-to-one visits. She currently works as an executive at PricewaterhouseCoopers, and speaks on branding, career planning, and women in business. She lives in Dallas with her husband, Michael, and her three children. You can find her on the web at

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