Journalism Jobs: Career Choices and Where to Look

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Journalism is a rapidly transforming industry that offers a wide and ever-changing range of options for journalists seeking employment. While the industry as a whole has been struggling, there are still opportunities for journalists who are flexible and willing to adapt to new technologies and methods of gathering and delivering the news.

These days, journalists are becoming great multi-taskers; they are social media wizards, reporting in real time on Twitter and Facebook while preparing in-depth news accounts for both online and traditional newspaper readers. They can shoot video, take photographs, conduct in-depth interviews and update websites. In short, journalists need to be ready for anything, in response to the emergence of new digital media.

Whether you want to end up at one of the top daily newspapers in the United States or forge your own path as a freelance journalist, there is a wide range of career possibilities for a trained journalist to pursue.

Where to Look for Jobs in Journalism

The following job search websites focus on journalism:

United States

  • The Society of Professional Journalists – The SPJ offers a wide range of training options for journalists, along with its employment and career center that not only provides job postings, but links to other searchable job sites as well.
  • Poynter – Poynter is an online resource for journalists. It provides job listings across the United States as well as support and training for journalists.
  • Newspaper and media chains – Top chains have career pages within their websites, as well as detailed information on the kinds of journalists they are looking for:
  • Top broadcasters – The top news broadcasters in the United States have job listings on their sites as well:

There are also numerous state newspaper organizations that offer job listings and support to journalists.


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