Making an Impression: The Value of Perspective

by Bethany Williams

Making a Good Impression

You’ve polished your resume and written a brilliant letter. You have prepared for your interview by touching up on talking points about your skills and experience – but you may not have factored in the value and power of perspective.

Who will you meet at the interview? Have you ever thought what they will take away from this interaction with you? They will form a perspective that will guide their decisions and follow-up actions.

Are you smart? Are you skilled? Do you have a passion for your work? Regardless of your skills and capabilities, they will leave the interaction with a perspective of you and your work.

Each perspective will vary based on their skills, upbringing and personal preconceived notions. You will win or lose the job based on perception. You have to have the skills and abilities, yes, but did you leave them with a perception that you can do the job? Their perception is formed based on the way you answer questions, the tone of voice you use, the self-assurance that you show and the way you carry yourself. Is your head held high or do you walk into the room insecure and uncertain?

Consider the value of perception as you prepare for your next interview. Carefully review information on the company and executives that you will meet. Work to leave behind a good perception by showing confidence, preparedness, and a positive attitude and voice. It will make a difference.

Bethany Williams is an expert in business development and healthcare operations. She has held high level positions at IDX Systems Corporation, GE Healthcare, Perot Systems Corporation, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Williams shares her stories and helpful tips on career success through her book, Winning Strategies for Women, and a popular motivational blog. She volunteers as a life coach and mentor for employees around the globe through her website and personal one-to-one visits. She currently works as an executive at a big four accounting firm and lives in Dallas with her husband, Michael, and her three children. You can find her on the web at

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